Fire Risk Assessments

​Fire risk assessments are a legal requirement in England & Wales and are required by law under the RRFSO. The ​Regulatory Reform (​Fire Safety) Order 2005 applies to virtually all premises and covers nearly every type of building, structure and open space, including HMOs.

Since the introduction of the Regulatory Reform Order in 2006 fire risk assessments must be carried out in businesses by a responsible person within the organisation. The assessments identify potential fire risks and identify solutions to protect the occupants of the buildings.

Most companies do not have the required skills to assess the risks and define the necessary corrective actions. However, you can outsource the fire risk assessment to Element. Our trained and professional fire risk assessors will inspect your site and create a detailed fire risk assessment report, which will identify the necessary steps to improve your fire safety.

  • Fully qualified team of Fire Risk Assessors
  • Documented in a full written report with recommendations
  • Carried out at a time and date convenient to you

Trusted and Accredited

​A fire risk assessment is a process involving the comprehensive evaluation of the factors that determine the hazard from fire, the likelihood that there will be a fire and the consequences if one were to occur.
A fire risk assessment involves a physical inspection of the building to determine the adequacy of the existing fire precautions and the need for any additional measures. However, as well as the physical inspection, there is a review of fire safety management in the organisation and consideration of the human factors such as, how people will respond to an emergency and whether they will take appropriate action.
There are practical limits to the extent of the survey and evaluation of the fire precautions. For example, in undertaking a fire risk assessment, we would not carry out detailed inspection or testing of fire protection systems, emergency escape lighting, etc. However, we would inspect such systems visually. Where we identify the need for any further investigation, this would be highlighted within our fire risk assessment.
Similarly, the survey of the construction of the building would extend to readily accessible areas of the building only. We would not undertake destructive exposure. While we would inspect above false ceilings, where possible, this would be on a sampling basis only. Again, if we considered that a more thorough examination of such areas was necessary, we would highlight this to you. Measured building surveys work well with this to create a combined record of your property assets.
In the case of a fire risk assessment aimed at satisfying the requirements of legislation, the objective of the risk assessment will primarily be the safety of the occupants of the building. While some of the recommendations we may make could also be beneficial to property protection, we would not be specifically addressing this objective or the objective of avoiding business interruption from fire. However, we do have the expertise to address these objectives, if required.

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