Measured Building Surveys

measured building survey is the collection of measured data to enable the surveyor to be able to produce plans, elevations or sectional drawings of a building. Measured data can be delivered as two-dimensional drawings or three-dimensional “BIM ready” models.

The existing detail of a building may be required for a wide range of purposes, most commonly for refurbishment of the property. A measured survey may also be required for fire evacuation plans or lease plans to define a space. 

Measured building surveys may also be required for:

  • Sale, acquisition, letting or land registry
  • Valuation or taxation
  • Facilities management or services layout
  • Redevelopment, alterations or structural changes
  • Health & safety, e.g. fire plan layout
  • Interior design layout
  • Licensing requirements
  • Modelling, visualisation
  • Rights of light, party wall issues.

Topographic Surveys

topographical survey, sometimes referred to as a Land Survey, is the process required to produce an accurate and detailed map identifying both the natural and man-made feature within an area. The collected data may be presented in many formats, from a simple paper plan to a full three-dimensional (3D) digital model, depending on the client’s requirements. Today the most common presentation is as a digital data set which is also plotted out as drawings.

The existing detail of an area may be required for either record or planning purposes. Other information, such as areas and volumes, may be calculated from a survey. Purposes to which a Topographical Survey may be used include:


  • Housing estate or commercial redevelopment design layout
  • Highway or railway design
  • Location of neighbouring property details and boundaries for rights of light or party wall issues
  • Cadastral Survey
  • Sale or acquisition of land
  • Locating specific items of detail
  • Showing the existing layout of surface features and services (Underground services are in a separate guide)
  • Development or alterations to land use
  • Location of trees and tree canopies, on or off the site
  • Modelling and visualization of the ground in 3D
  • Historical records

Utility Surveys

Underground Utility Surveys are detailed accurate drawings identifying all underground utilities and service routes, including gas, water, telecommunications, electricity and drainage, as well as voids within a specified area. The underground utilities are normally shown on top of a topographical survey plan showing all above ground features such as buildings, boundaries, services covers and site levels.
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